Academy Solutions

WatNx Consulting Academy Solutions is a unique offering for Learning Institutions & Professional Education Providers (i.e. College & Universities) catering their end to end needs starting from the start of Academy association of a student in institution to the successful exit of a student from the academic institution with a brighter career on the outside world.

The transition from campus to corporate culture is a huge change because the environment in a workplace is way too different from that of a college. There are certain etiquettes and social norms one has to follow when you enter into a corporate life. In order to adjust to this completely new environment could be challenging, therefore WatNx Consulting a leader in corporate and professional training, brings a set of offerings which helps you to get adapted to this new world of business easily.

Our Short list of offering will be as follows:

  • Red Hat – Partners & Academy Initiatives
  • EC Council – Cyber Security Training &Certifications
  • Live & Academy Projects
  • Setting up Incubations & Center of Excellence centers for Institutions
  • Customized Technical & Technology Trainings
  • BMS – Behavior Management Science includes end to end Soft skills & Individual Personality Development
  • Industry Intuitional Interactions (Corporate to Campus and Campus to Corporate)
  • Vocational & Skill Development Trainings
  • FLS – Foreign Language Services
  • Oversea Education & Consulting
  • Digital Marketing – Training & Marketing Services for Institutes / colleges

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