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Computational accessibility is a major issue for persons with disabilities and for economically and demographically marginalized people, especially in developing countries like India. WatNx Accessibility Consulting is set up with a single minded devotion to provide access consulting, web designing, hosting, maintenance and business solutions affordable to small scale industries and nonprofit organizations like universities and colleges to bring community services to marginalized people in the society through our accessibility services.

We work for the implementation of various national and international accessibility standards and guidelines in web, desktop, mobile and cloud applications. Our accessibility services are not limited to persons with disabilities but also for all others in the way of search engine optimization, compatibility of applications running in low bandwidth, cross browser and cross device compatibility of web base applications. Our business also focuses on development of academic ERP and E-learning solution, ERP solution for small and medium enterprises, office automation, health care and clinic management solutions etc.

We are committed to our clients to provide successful and timely delivery of project and value our vision and mission.

Vision: Provide digital access to all regardless of physical ability, age, and ethnicity, and economical status, geographic and demographic background.

Mission: Create inclusive society wherein all people have comparable access to digital world.

WatNx Accessibility Services offerings

If you are an Academic Institution, Government or Corporate Organizations wish to make your web services Accessible for persons with disabilities?

WatNx Consulting is the best choice.

Accessibility engineers at WatNx Consulting can assist you in conducting access audit of your website or mobile application, impart accessibility training to your web developers, assist them in retrofitting accessibility in products and services by providing technical assistance and help in maintenance of accessibility compliance as per the business requirement.

Organizations can choose accessibility standards or guidelines among these:

  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 1 or 2; A or AA; AAA of W3C.
  • Government of India Guidelines for Web Accessibility (GIGW) version 1 or 1.1
  • Section 508 of US Rehabilitation Act.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance.
  • Mobile Web Best Practices (MWBP) of W3C.
  • Android accessibility developers and testing checkpoints.
  • IOS accessibility guidelines.
  • MSAA or MS UI automation for Microsoft Windows Desktop and mobile applications.
  • Flash accessibility design guidelines.
  • PDF accessibility standards for PDF documents.

General adaptation of standards and guidelines

If you are Government Organization wish to make e-governance services accessible for persons with disabilities?

You can choose combination of “Government of India Guidelines for Web accessibility” (GIGW), and “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines” (WCAG) for accessibility compliance.

If you are Corporate Organization operating your business in India and US?

Choose WCAG of W3C or section 508 of US rehabilitation act.
Organizations can adapt accessibility compliance as per the geography or demography in which they are operating their businesses.

If you are an Academic Institution wish to provide accessible barrier free and inclusive education?

You can choose WCAG 2.0 of W3C that can best suit their need to provide equal access to students, researchers, faculties, academic administrates and visitors with disabilities.

Organizations can also choose various document accessibility standards such as PDF accessibility, DAISY/Epub3 to ensure accessibility of course content.

Accessibility Compliance Models

Coordination model:

  1. Cannot share your source code due to security reason?
  2. Have outsourced your web development to your vendors?
  3. Have difficulties in choosing accessbility compliance?
  4. Wish to train your web developers for accesibilities

Then this model of accessibility implementation will best suit you.

Expert Accessibility engineers of WatNx Consulting will understand your business requirement, help your organization to select appropriate accessibility compliance that will best suit your need, conduct t access audit of website or mobile application, train your web developers for accessibility compliance and assist web developers of your organizations in retrofitting accessibility in web services by providing technical assistance to them.

Accessibility engineers will work in coordination with your web information managers and web developers of your vendors and assist them in making web or mobile applications compliant as per adapted accessibility standards or guidelines. In this method the organizations do not directly have to share source code of your web applications with us as accessibility implementation is done from your web developers with the technical support of WatNx Consulting team.

Complete outsourced model:

Don’t have web developers with you for accessibility implementation?

Your vendor denies extra work of accessibility implementation?

Then you can go with this accessibility implementation model.

In this model of accessibility implementation, organizations have to share source code with the WatNx Consulting team and completely out source accessibility compliance. WatNx Consulting team carry out entire activities such as conducting access audit and implementing the recommendations of the access audit in your web or mobile applications. Then WatNx Consulting team handover the source code of accessibility compliant application to your organization and bare responsibility of accessibility compliance maintenance for the specific period mutually agreed.

Step by step approach for web accessibility compliance:

Don’t know where to start? Whom to involve and how to proceed?

These few steps will quickly guide you:

  1. Identify key person in the team of IT professionals in the organization and assign him or her responsibility of web accessibility compliance project.
  2. Identify web accessibility consultant or company preferably accessibility expert with disabilities that can provide access consulting services. The individual or a company should have proven record of experience in the area of access consulting.
  3. Invite accessibility expert with disabilities and organize sensitization talk and sensitize key persons in the organization.
  4. Arrange training on web accessibility for IT professionals and web developers of vendor involved in web development and maintenance if any to impart accessibility compliance skill in them.
  5. Deploy accessibility consultant for access audit of organizational website and web applications as per adapted compliance.
  6. Provide access audit report to web developers of vendor organization and ask them to fix the accessibility issues as per the recommendation of access audit report. Or get the issues fixed by accessibility consultancy team by outsourcing them.
  7. Provide the test link to accessibility consultant again for conformance testing and request for certification of accessibility compliance of the website.
  8. Develop web accessibility policy for maintenance of accessibility compliance. Organization can involve accessibility consultant for maintenance of web accessibility compliance through annual maintenance contract if needed.

Our services:

WatNx Consulting provides range of accessibility services that best suits your business requirement.

Web accessibility solutions:

WatNx Consulting can assist your organization in conducting access audit, implementation of desired accessibility standards and regulations in your websites and web applications to achieve accessibility y compliance and reach out wider range of people with varied abilities. Organizations may choose compliance like WCAG, GIGW, Section 508, ADA compliance etc.

Mobile accessibility solutions:

Wish to make your mobile app accessibility compliant? Our expertise with disabilities help you in identifying accessibility issues and assist your developers to make user interfaces of the apps accessible for every one including users with disabilities regardless of technologies like Android, IOS and Windows.

Documents accessibility solutions:

If brochures, manuals, circulars, news articles, reports and presentations will be in the accessible format, it can reach to wide range of target users. WatNx Consulting can assist you in making accessible PDF, word processors and presentations that will be readable by screen readers and screen magnifiers like assistive technologies users with disabilities.

Accessible Media solutions:

WatNx Consulting can help you in making your audio/video content like news, entertainment media and documentaries accessible and usable for persons with various kinds of disabilities by providing captions, audio descriptions and sign language interpreters.

Accessibility training solutions:

Our trainers with disabilities who are accessibility expert and end users of accessibility services can design specific training program as per clients requirement. Training typically involves accessibility concepts, accessibility need of individuals with disabilities, demonstration of assistive technologies, various standards and compliance, accessibility myths, approaches for accessibility compliance, business case of accessibility, HTML, CSS, JavaScript based accessibility, ARIA, semi-automated testing tools, hands-on accessibility testing and implementation of accessibility issues etc.

Workplace accessibility solutions:

Our accessibility professionals can assist equal opportunity employers in suitable job profile identification for individuals with disabilities, procurement of appropriate assistive technologies, its installation, configuration, training, and its use for specific utility software applications, making suitable changes in user interfaces of organizational internal applications to accommodate employees with disabilities, creation of accessible work culture in organization and designing diversity and inclusion policy for perfect retention of employees with disabilities so as to increase productivity and job satisfaction of employees with disabilities.

Website designing, development, hosting and maintenance:

We provide a complete and comprehensive web development solution that will take care of all that is required from concept designing to completion and maintenance.
If you already have a website and are not happy with it, we can assist you. We will help you enhance your existing website by adding new features, look and feel, customization, designs, images and layouts.

Why choose WatNx consulting:

We have team of:

  • Experienced and qualified accessibility engineers.
  • End users with disabilities of assistive technologies as testers.
  • Expert web developers and designers.
  • Flexible to work in any environment.

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